Friday, May 21, 2010

The Tree Of Life....

Wake up.

Its going away,

Walking on into the next day.

Wake up.

It’s reaching far,

On the way from where we are.

It’s begun.

Too slow,

It shall vanish to grow.

It’s begun.

I hear,

Like breeze blowing by my ears.

So happy,

She looks,

By hook or by crook.

So happy,

It stays,

But then it’s going away.

Its unreal,

You wont see,

But I know you’ll believe me.

It’s unreal,

It will feed,

Then it will wither away into the creed.

Believe me,

Wake up. It’s begun.

So happy. Its unreal.

1 comment:

Shrek said...

It is Unreal :)
really nice! take care!